Rubber Cable SJOW 3Cx14AWG



Rated temperature: 60, 75, 90, 105°C
Rated voltage: 300V
Conductor material: annealed bare stranded copper wire
Conductor size: 14AWG
Construction: 41×0.254mm
Conductor resistance: 8.62 ohm per km (20°C)
Cores: 3C
Insulation material: Ethylene Proplene Rubber, EPR rubber / EPDM
Average insulation thickness: 0.76mm
Minimum insulation thickness: 0.58mm
Nominal insulation diameter: 3.50mm
Insulation resistance: oil, gas.
Color: brown, blue, yellow/green.
Average jacket thickness: 1.30mm
Minimum jacket thickness: 1.04mm
Nominal jacket outer diameter: 9.30mm
Jacket material: Polychloroprene CPE rubber
Color: black
Tensile strength: 5N/mm² (insulation), 10N/mm² (jacket).
Elongation rate: 200% for insulation, 300% for jacket.
Aging condition: 70°C+/-2°C for 240 hours.
Cold temperature: -40°C
Working temperature: 90°C
Reference standard: DIN VDE 0285-525-2-21
Application: portable electric equipment, able to withstand large external mechanical forces.
UL approval marking: SJOW 3Cx14AWG, CE, VDE, RoHS.
100% RoHS compliant.
Ultra flexible, waterproof, UV resistant, fire retardant, oil resistant, ozone resistant.


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